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Variations in Self Study in Mindfulness

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We can choose what to mindfully study in our ongoing present experience. We might watch only our physical sensations for a period of time. This is very good for calming and steadying. By just accepting what we notice is happening in the body experience it has a strong tendency to regulate itself to a calmer state.

 We might choose to notice our emotions with an attitude of compassionate acceptance. This may not mean that we agree with those in-the-moment feelings, but accepting our emotions lessens the battle with the ones that are most difficult for us.

 Thoughts can also be very interesting to observe. Instead of just being in the thoughts and letting them run automatically, it is possible to notice them and name them as they occur. Naming thoughts might be something like: ‘ planning, worrying, judging, remembering, savoring’ just to name some possibilities. It could be quite illuminating to discover that our thoughts were having a tendency toward repetitions of something such as worrying.

Then it’s another act of mindfulness to notice what helps you at any given time.

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